Missing Link




We redesigned the card frames, so these will be the ones in the final product. The old card frames can

 The active player draws two objects from the deck, reveals one object, and keeps the other one hidden. That player provides hints to help the other players guess the name of the hidden object. The trick is that all the hints must be true about both of the objects.

For example: If you had an apple card and a skyscraper card, you might reveal the skyscraper and and say “Both objects are associated with New York,” “These are both bigger than a strawberry,” etc. When someone shouts out APPLE! They get one card and you keep the other. The first player to get to 7 cards wins.

Each card is a one word, physical object. This helps because people always have physical characteristics to work with – you can always compare size. The active players has 2 minutes to get another player to guess the hidden object (although new players get to wave this time limit).

Can you compare an ocean and a computer? How many hints can you give if you have a book and a bed?


be seen in the review video below!


Are you good at guessing? Here are some hints to let you play a round. If you figure it out, private message me and once someone gets it, I will post the answer for everyone in an update and post a new challenge:

Challenge 4: I reveal an Island. Both these objects can float on water. Both these objects are bigger than a clam. Both these objects can sustain the Japanese population.

Challenge 3: I reveal a the Sun . Both these objects are yellow. Both these objects are bigger than a grape. Both these objects have an outer layer that is not pleasant to eat.

Challenge 2: I reveal a Truck. These both contain leather parts. These both are full of air. These both have have whole industries surrounding them! Solved in Update 3

Challenge 1: I reveal an elephant . These are both smaller than the sky. These are both things you might see on a rainy day. These are both mostly water! Solved in Update 2

Can you figure it out?! (Answers below)


 Please note that this video is using prototype art and card frames, not final art or card frames!

Favorite quotes from the video: “Overall, I really like Missing Link, it is a very fun, quick niche party game” “You can have it up and running in under a minute”It is more difficult than you would imagine”


The base game will start with 112 unique object cards, but this number will grow as more stretch goals are unlocked.


After playing Missing Link’s free-for-all mode for a while, people might crave new and different objects. The team mode delivers this perfectly. In the team mode, players break into 2 teams and pull 3 cards. They choose one of those three cards and use the adjective on the bottom of that card to craft their own objects. Each object must be a one word physical object that can be described by the adjective on your team’s chosen card. Once the objects have been made, teams take turns having an active player. The active player picks one object from each team’s pile of objects at random, reveals the object made by their team, keeps the other team’s object hidden, and then gives hints to help their team guess the hidden object (the object made by the other team). If the active player’s team guesses correctly in 2 minutes, their team gets a point.Once each player on both teams have been the active player, the team with the most points wins.


This art will act as a launching point, but I will improve it even more after the campaign. I plan to involve my backers as much as possible to make this game the best it can be and since the art is such a big part, I will post samples and seek feedback to make the art the best it can be.