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In The City questions

Counter Cards: These cards (Lamb Herder, Canine Breeder and Foreign Nomads) get a counter each turn. Use a die to keep track as these numbers can get pretty big. They cannot be dealt with easily by the opponent since they cannot be destroyed, stolen, or tucked (and the Canine Breeder also cannot be sacrificed).

At the end of the game, if two players are tied, the player with the most influence wins the game. If both influence and victory points are tied, the winner is the player with the most creatures.

You can recruit a creature if you have the same amount of Influence (moneybag) as the Prestige (shield) of that creature. There is a typo in the glossary.

When you use the Aristocratic Executioner’s or the Military Executioner’s ability, you destroy an opponent’s creature based on the stats of the sacrificed creature, not the Executioner.

Static abilities count when determining effects like Biggs, Death Sergeant, Military Executioner, etc.

If we recruit from graveyard do that card’s abilities still count (e.g. enlist)?

Yes. Anytime it is recruiting, enlist ability will happen (as opposed to steal or give when enlist abilities do not happen.)

Leader: With Captain Litany + Leeches of Society can Leeches of Society’s effect be doubled? If given to 1 person would the -2s become -4s? If there are at least 3 players, can this card be doubled, giving it to 2 separate players?

Captain of Litany does not double the minus because he only doubles abilities. You could give it a second time except it is not yours by that time so it is redundant. In other words, it does not work with Leeches of Society

For cards like Euthanasist, if you’re the last person to go by the time you enlist this card you’ll have the same # of creatures as everyone else (more than likely) so would that mean you would have to sacrifice too?

Each player with most sacrifices so yes that could be everyone. If you can time it right, it can pack quite the punch.

What is the difference between a deck and a column; explain tucking a card in general.

A deck is the pile of cards above the face up ones in the city square. The column is the deck and the cards in the city square in line with it. Tucking a card means taking the card and putting it under any of the piles of cards in the city square. If the deck is gone (like toward the end of the game) it cannot be tucked there because there is no deck there.

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