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In Exploit!, you are all undercover spies in the Azzarack pirate crew. The most recent mission went awry and now you know there are others vying for the Captain’s ear. You must expose these others before they expose you. Use your guile and wit to ‘take care of’ the other spies until you are the only spy left to win.

The unique identities and available turn actions are as follows:

Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 11.25.08 PM

Screen shot 2015-06-20 at 11.24.11 PM

The black actions are safe for anyone. There is only one of each pirate in the deck, and their listed abilities are the ones they may take without risk of being killed! Players may bluff to take the other actions, but if another player calls your bluff, you are exposed and you are thrown overboard!

Do you have what it takes to make it out alive on the Azzarack ship?

Check out what reviewers have said about Exploit!

“Exploit feels right at home among other microgames like Love Letter or Coup […]. It combines bluffing with deduction in a way that nevertheless makes it feel distinct from the others. And, unlike some of other games, you cannot play it without bluffing.

Bluffing games generally are best played when your opponents can’t be sure of your truth or falsity. But, it’s often possible to play a bluffing game simply by telling the truth the whole time. Basically, you rely on the luck of the cards to get you what you need. And, if you get lucky, you could even win that way. Not so with Exploit.


If you like bluffing games, there’s a lot to enjoy here. Players can use different strategies and lie with varying skill. Knowing when you can press opponents, and when you can’t, is the key. Moreso than most bluffing games, the goal is to play the players.”

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“The Parent Geeks were very pleased with this game, finding it to be an entertaining experience over coffee and cookies. One Parent Geek said, ‘This is a very quiet game, where I feel you have to observe everything to get a clear picture. It was a very different game playing experience and I enjoyed it very much.’ Another Parent Geek said, ‘Not once did I really know who people were, but I always felt that enough information was being given to me to consider and respond to. This is a very elegant and wonderful game.’

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