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The king has died! To save the city from usurpers, you must use guile, stealth, and cunning to outwit your enemies. Shifting alliances, unreliable partners, and devious opponents all complicate your path to the throne. Manipulate aristocrats, generals, and ignoble citizenry as you seize the crown and save your city.  

This drafting style game is for 2 to 5 players. In the game, each player plays as a leader (20 different leaders in the base set). Each turn, a player recruits a person from the city square who then gives them victory points, influence to recruit more powerful people, abilities to manipulate the board, or abilities to sabotage opponents. The people you recruit have sway in supporting the new king so those with more sway in the City’s society are worth more victory points (for example, an aristocrat is worth more victory points then a hired digger).

The game is over when 2 out of the 7 columns in the city square are empty. The player with the most victory points wins the crown!

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